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enjoy the freedom of an organized home
Organization is freedom

We lead such busy lives and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the possessions we accumulate along the way.  Clogged up areas in your home or office resemble traffic jammed highways…  you will get to your destination eventually, but it is easier and much more fun when the route is clear.  That’s what organization provides – an open road to enjoy the journey of your life!


Life events bring about change and our possessions need to adjust to those changes as well.  Not always an easy task!  Whether expanding or downsizing, we specialize in reworking spaces with customized shelving.  Items from your home are incorporated as well, reflecting your personal style while staying green and reusing whenever possible.  Improving the overall flow of your home or office will increase efficiency, reduce stress, save money (no longer replacing items you already own but cannot find!) and increase happiness. All good!


Whatever the project, you'll get it done with Get It-To-Heather Organizing Solutions!  


Can laundry be fun? Maybe that's a stretch, but it can definitely be made easier with just a few improvements:  shelving for detergent that's accessible yet out of the way, room for hanging damp clothes and storage for additional items such as cleaning products, tool boxes, sewing baskets or extra towels. There's no getting around it - the laundry's gotta get done so you might as well make it as easy (and as pleasant) as possible! 


Hold everything! That's what we ask of our mudrooms... coats, shoes, snowy boots, mittens, hats, scarves, dripping umbrellas, backpacks, computers, keys, athletic equipment in every shape and size, instruments, library books, dog leashes and more. It's not hard for this space to clog up until mud is about the only thing you can easily find! A good system including shelving, hooks, baskets and bins will help to maintain order in this very busy space - and in your lives as well!  

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Are bulky appliances competing with food for shelf space?  Do you wonder how water bottles multiply while lids to storage containers disappear overnight?  Whether you love, hate, tolerate or occasionally embrace cooking - a well organized kitchen and pantry always make it much more fun!


It is said we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.  This is often true for everything we stuff into crowded closets and cabinets....  cosmetics, linens, crafts, games, gift wrap, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on.  If you can't access or even see what's filling the shelves, then these things essentially disappear while taking up valuable space.  We can customize your closet shelving so you know what's there to use and enjoy!


It's easy to let "home" take over as the boss in "home office." A separate room is ideal for maintaining your work space, but can quickly dissolve into an unloading zone for all the "I'll get to it later" paperwork. A good filing system will keep the flow manageable and easily accessible. No spare room? Creative use of shelving and storage containers can carve out a functional solution even in the chaotic midst of meals, homework and the television blaring with re-runs of "The Office." 


It is absolutely true that elves sneak in and triple the amount of toys in your home each night. They also make sure that the very smallest pieces end up well hidden under bookshelves or deep inside the couch. You can keep pace with the whirlwind using baskets, bins and shelving so even the tiniest LEGGOs are visible and ready to go - with a home to return to at the end of the day. With some creativity and a little organization, the playroom will be fun for everyone!​


These storage areas have two things in common…  all can be super useful for holding items not needed every day OR potentially decline into unidentifiable piles of “stuff.” The key is an accessible system for retrieving items such as tools and gardening equipment where they are easy to find – and return! Keep stored items well protected and easily identified...  say NO to unmarked cardboard boxes!  With a reliable system in place, well organized storage space helps maintain the open flow in your home to enjoy!


Having trouble getting your car in... or anything else out? Custom hooks and shelving can transform this space into a functional part of your home.


Wherever you’ve got hang ups... or in need of them! – we’ll find just the right solution for safe storage and accessibility.

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