Organizing Solutions
Before and After!
Contact: Heather M. Greacen
Linen Closet
Replacing the existing four shelves with seven provides easily accessible storage for sheets, towels, pillows, quilts and more!
Guest/Office Closet
one shelf... really?
how about seven with plenty of room left for guest clothing or extra coats!
Contact: Heather M. Greacen

Kitchen Pantry
and after!
Updating this hallway closet just off the kitchen with six full length shelves provides readily available storage for appliances, vases, linens and beyond!  (or is that linens 'n things?!)
Upstairs Hall Closet
When it's shelving you need - not room for hanging - make efficient use of wasted space with custom shelves that DO cut corners! 
Coat Closet
Maximize space with double hang rods and gain four new baskets/shelves in the process!
and after!
Laundry Room
An empty wall...  the possibilities are wide open!  Although this homeowner wanted just one shorter shelf with a rod for hanging damp clothing, several more longer shelves/baskets/hooks can now easily be added on.
Attic Storage Rooms
Extra room for storage will not do much  good if you cannot find what you're storing. Shelving and clear containers make all the difference to help locate what you need when you need it and safely maintain when you don't.
and after!