Does everything have to be neat and orderly all the time?  Of course not.  The key is that your possessions, just like all of us, need a home to return to sooner or later.  Everyone's approach to organization is unique and I make it a priority to listen and let each client's needs come through to find great, maintainable solutions.

Organizing is something that comes naturally to some. I wish that cooking, gardening, painting, learning languages and long, thick wavy hair came naturally to me but, hey, you get what you get!

I've been a professional organizer for over a  dozen years and an obsessed organizer forever.  It never gets old.  Every project is a wonderful, fun challenge and the reward of helping people feel happier and more productive is endlessly inspiring.

Unlike other types of maintenance that holler for our attention..   broken appliances, leaky faucets, mountains of laundry or dust bunnies the size of lions roaring from every corner of your home, organizing is easy to keep putting off.  It can also be a difficult thing to justify paying someone else to do.  However, if that traffic jam of clutter - no matter how large or small - is consistently interfering with your daily life, then you will find handing the job over to an organizer is well worth the freedom you will feel.  It's all about flow and opening up the channels that are blocked - in our heads and in our homes!

If you are at that point, then treat yourself - or someone else! - to Get It To-Heather and let me help you get it together... today!

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